Straighteners API tubes

Coupling between the robustness and the precision of positioning: quality on tubes.

Another important innovation realized by Cartacci team is the building of a “new family” of straightening machines, destined to work on API products, in cold or hot conditions, in respect of API 5CT, 5L, 5DP. These machinery can work also “drill pipes”: thanks to a sophisticated running logic and thanks to advanced technological solution, passed through tridimensional analysis realized in cooperation with an important Italian university, these machinery can let pass trough the rolls upset pipes in continuous work, without stopping the cycle. The very fast opening / closing of each roll at the arriving of the upset end of the tube gives the possibility to work strictly on the normal body of the tube itself, straightening it along all its length. The same technical aspect has been used into a second plc logic, in a way that the machinery can prevent completely from any
marks at the ends of the tube. These straightening machines are often used after heat treatment, in hot conditions: tubes pass through the machine at a range of temperature between 500÷650 °C (930÷1200 °F). Also in this case, only the advanced studying on the materials to use and their heat treatments have given the result to supply machinery with very high performances. Cartacci straightening machines distinguish themselves for the coupling between the robustness and the precision of positioning; the balance between mechanical and electronic design gives the result to obtain the very high performances required on API products.