Machines with automatic setting for guarantee in the results.

With about 350 straightening machines built in its history, Cartacci is definitely one of few companies in the world that can boast such an important reference list. The important experience accumulated over the years now has formed basic principles of straightening machines with ten rolls of automatic configuration: once characteristics of tube are introduced into the programm, the machine calculates by itself setting parameters for the straightening process. This setting is memorised by the machine in order to allow the operator to recall it easily for next production run. The presence of ten rolls also allows an extremely versatile setting: it is possible to achieve five different settings, each corresponding to the quality target to be reached depending on physical characteristics of the pipe to be straightened. A further important innovation, obtained thanks to sophisticated operating logic and advanced technological solutions, was then the introduction of a new family of straightening machines designed for “upset” tubes: the fast opening / closing of each pair of rolls allows for an efficient passage of each “upset” configuration, with maximum straightening capability on every length of tube. The straightening machines made by Cartacci combine sturdiness with precision setting: the perfect balance between mechanical and electronic design, ensuring straightening machines made by Cartacci satisfy a range of high performance applications.