Finishing lines

Installations in line without renouncing to the use as an island.

Thanks to the experience obtained in design of single equipments, CARTACCI Ltd has successfully launched the manufacturing of complete finishing lines. These lines are composed by pointing machines, drawing benches, automatic straightening machines, cutting systems, bevelling, control, packaging equipment with automatic strapping and protective wrapping, the drainage and weighing of bundles. Each machine is completely computer-based both in setup research and in the respective positioning, therefore it’s managed by a limited number of operators. Among the designed lines, Cartacci can boast one complete line which is designed primarily for the production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders up to a maximum diameter of 235 mm, one complete line for the production of tubes for shock absorbers, up to a maximum diameter of 70 mm and third line for pipes up to a maximum diameter of 130 mm. All lines have innovative solutions in order to limit handling and storage, to ensure high productivity and quality of surface finishing and to limit the use of manual intervention of operators. The particularity of Cartacci’s lines consists in the design of each machine: it can work both in line with the other equipment and as the island, thus allowing the customer to make it an extremely versatile use. The design and manufacturing of finishing lines represents a natural process of technical development of company Cartacci.