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The birth of Cartacci Ltd dates back to the sixties, when Carlo Cartacci, the founder of the company, had quitted his work after many years in tubes production field and had decided to design and to build by himself the same machines that he was using for a years. With a deep-rooted experience as the user and with undoubted technical and design abilities, Carlo Cartacci had developed design of draw-benches and straightening equipments that in the space of thirty years had been installed in all over the world. Afterwards, at the late 90’s, his demise brought the company to join Paccani Group that boasts many companies acting in various fields. The experience obtained in preceding years is the important basis for complete innovation of equipment’s design that meets the most demanding requirements of the market. As evidence of continuous technological development that characterizes the company, Cartacci is now able to provide its customers with complete finishing lines for tubes, as natural evolution of the company that firstly has gained significant experience in manufacturing of single machines. The main characteristic of Cartacci is do not sell the standard machines or pre-established models; the customers themselves are often the sources of a new projects. Thanks to this way to meet the customers’ expectations, Cartacci S.r.l. has developed a wide experience in many sectors of tubes’ production, with adaptability for tubes such as in automotive industry, boiler works sector, precious metals or brass sector, oil and gas industry (also with tubes “upset”). With more than 500 equipments for cold and hot tubes installed in all over the world from 1967 up to today, CARTACCI, as reliable partner, keeps abreast of the worldwide tubes’ producers.